Working time

10:00 – 19:00
Every day during the period
from the 15th of April until the 1st of October

No booking needed!

Depending on weather conditions, start and end season dates may vary. Contact us to check.

Flight price

Single ticket
Group prices
Up to 5 people – 10€ per person
5-10 people – 8€ per person
10-20 people – 6€ per person
20+ people – 5€ per person

Age and weight limits

There are no age limits,
everyone who feels like flying can do it.

Regarding weight,
it depends on the wind.
Usually, the maximum weight is 120kg.

How to find us

Red Rock Zip Line is located just beside the big Djurdjevica  Tara bridge on Tara river, between Zabljak and Pljevlja (23 kilometers away from Zabljak). If you are coming from Zabljak direction, Red Rock Zip Line starts on the left-hand side, after you cross the bridge. On the right side, there is a parking space.

Public transport

For individuals, to get to the bridge from Zabljak is possible by public bus which traffic to Pljevlja. Those buses go few times a day. For groups, we can organize transport.

Award for the most attractive touristic offer

National Tourism Organization of Montenegro assigned the annual “Wild Beauty Award” to the RedRock Zipline in the category of “The most attractive touristic offer” for commitment to quality, innovative promotion, high standards and socially responsible contribution to the sustainable development of the tourism product of Montenegro.

Every year, Red Rock Zip Line team is putting an effort to improve the service.



Our team

A team that stands behind the idea of building a zipline across the canyon of the Tara river, consists of experienced members of The Mountain Rescue Service, experts for the Durmitor mountain and primarily of extreme sports lovers. Design, construction and installation of the system was performed by construction experts and those who have years of experience in working with the cable cars and ski lifts.

Tara river canyon

The Tara Canyon attains a depth of 1333m, which makes it the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world, right after the canyon of the Colorado river. Tara itself is 146.6 km long. The largest part of the river, including the canyon, is under protection of UNESCO, as part of the Durmitor National Park.

Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

The construction of the Bridge, designed by Mijat Trojanović, started in 1937., in order to be opened, in all its beauty, in the year of 1940. For the purpose of building the bridge, the largest wooden scaffolding in the world was built, which still holds the record. The Bridge is composed of five arches and the span of the largest one is 116m and it looms over the river for 160m.

Zip Line flying

In the last few years, ziplining has become very popular activity. The flight is conducted in a way that a flyer, hanging from a cable or a mountaineering rope, is flying between the platforms. The most attractive locations for setting up platforms are usually canyons, forests with tall trees and hilly terrain. Flying in such an environment, with a dose of adrenaline, provides completely new view of unusual landscapes.


Safety above all

We are especially proud of the entire system safety, which is set as a priority. This has been achieved with detailed static calculation and by selection of the best components to compose it. Each of these elements has the appropriate certificate. According to this, the equipment of the leading manufacturers, such as Petzl, Singing Rock, Mammut, Beal is used.

Cables length



Flight lasts ~ 45 seconds



Maximum speed 50 km/h



The starting point is ~170m above the river

Cables length



Flight lasts ~ 45 seconds  


Maximum speed 50 km/h  


The starting point is ~170m above the river

What months is Zip Line operating?

From 1st of May until 1st of October we work every day, no exceptions. During April and October, our working days are dictated by weather conditions so for those months please send an inquiry. Also, we can open for groups of people, especially during those months. During the winter, from November until March we are closed.

What are age limits for the zip?

Our youngest flier was two years old and that is possible as kids up to 7-8 years ride with an adult. Someone they came with or one of our instructors. During the winter, from November until March we are closed.

What are weights range to use the zip?

Weight limits are flexible, meaning that we have to calculate in wind as well. For kids, that means we decide on the spot if it flies alone or together with an adult or another kid. Upper limit also depends on the wind and varies between 120 and 130kg.

Do we have to book the ride?

Booking is not required, and you just show up during the working hours. For the big groups (10+ people) you can send us a message and we will minimize waiting time.

Is there a parking place near the start?

Yes, there is free parking area just across the street from Zip Line starting point.

How we get back after the ride?

To get back to the starting point, there is a walk over the bridge (350 meters long) which takes about 10 minutes. There is a possibility that we pick you up with the van and shorten the way back.

What are the busy hours?

During the high season, July and August, crowds are possible between 1 and 3 PM, but even with those, the wait is not longer than a few minutes.

How long does it take to make the flight?

Preparation and flight above the canyon last about two-three minutes in total. To get back to the starting point, there is a walk over the bridge (350 meters long) which takes about 10 minutes.

Is it safe?

We get this question a lot and the answer is YES. The whole project is designed and made by supervision of construction engineers. Cables used to operate have more than 10 metric tons of breaking load. Equipment (harnesses, slacks) is attested by manufacturers to withstand few tons of force.

For all the praise, suggestions and criticism, we are here to listen.

Red Rock Zip Line
Djurdjevica Tara Bridge,
84220 Žabljak, Montenegro

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