Meeting in Zabljak (9:00/14:00)

30 minutes drive to Tara bridge

Rafting (2 hours)

Zipline (optional)

Return to Zabljak



PRICE: 45€ + 5€ zipline



Meeting in Zabljak (9:00)

30 minutes drive to Tara bridge

Zipline (optional)

Rafting (4 hours)


Jeep safari

Return to Zabljak


PRICE: 110€ + 5€ zipline


Where do I leave my staff?

All your staff are left in the secured chageroom by Tara bridge, where you also have showers if you need after rafting.

Is it dangerous?

Rafting is done only when water conditions are maximally safe. When water is extremely high, as in early spring, rafting is not done. Hence, it is absolutely safe to enjoy rafting with us.

Do I have to be a swimmer?

Swimming is not mandatory skill, since all participants have lifevests.

Can I swim in Tara river?

Sure. During rafting tour, we stop at the most beautiful place for swimming and cliff jumping.

What should I bring?

All participants should bring a swimsuit or dry underware to change after rafting.

Can I bring a camera or phone to the boat?

You can bring your gadgets to the boat, we provide waterproof bags where you can keep them if they are not waterproof.
Just keep in mind that all you personal staff is your own responsibility.

Will the tour be cancelled if it rains?

In case of light rain, the tour will not be cancelled. The tour is delayed or cancelled only in case of heavy storm.

Is it cold?

Our team is equiped with high quality suits for all weather conditions to make sure that people don’t get cold.
If it’s sunny and hot, we provide 4mm neoprene shorty which is enough for that kind of days (some people even decide not to wear the suit). In case of colder weather, we provide thicker long suits and even anorck jackets if it’s raining.


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